Do you really need a wedding planner?

Wedding Planning

I get it! You want to plan your own event and don’t understand the value a wedding planner could bring to the table. It’s more money and your budget is already skyrocketing. I’ll be honest, a full scope wedding planner is not for everyone but please at a minimum invest in a day of manager.

Who are clients are – most of our full wedding planning & design clients are highly successful in their careers and they value the ease a wedding planner offers them. We streamline the entire wedding planning process and remove indecision and costly missteps. We create a realistic wedding budget for our clients based on their guest count, desired location, overall aesthetic, and then allocate that budget to each vendor category. From there, we hand select the best vendors for them. Our goal is to bring the best options and save our clients time, energy, money, and stress.

The biggest value a wedding planner can offer is that they are the only vendor you will hire that works with you throughout the entire planning process. We oversee the entire project and guarantee its success. No other vendor understands the overall scope of your event. On the wedding day, we manage the entire vendor team, troubleshoot any issues, and keep you and your partner updated on what’s next on the timeline so you can focus on having the best day ever.

The value add of a wedding planner:

  • Creation of a realistic wedding budget for you so you know exactly how much to spend in each category and don’t end up overspending in one area and having to cut back in another. We commonly see couples overspend on their venue before hiring a planner only to realize they have blown their entire budget.
  • Wedding planners are the overall project managers of your event. No other vendor understands or manages the full scope.
  • We save you serious time! If you are a busy professional having the time to research every detail can be overwhelming and lead to rushed or bad decisions.
  • We work for YOU. A lot of couple’s feel like working with the venue’s team is the best value. However, if something goes wrong on your wedding day, ultimately, they work for the venue…not for you. We advocate for our clients and make sure their interests are being served by the entire vendor team.
  • We fix the issues before you even realize they happened. One of the struggles as a wedding planner is showing our value. Ultimately, clients don’t really get to see our full influence because we are never going to tell them the almost catastrophic things that almost happened on their wedding days. 90% of wedding days have issues – but with a wedding planner you probably won’t know about them.

At a minimum – please invest in a day of coordinator. Why?

  • A day of coordinator will step in and manage the event you have planned. You don’t want to be the day of contact person for all of your vendors. You want to be enjoying the event you have tirelessly planned.
  • On the wedding day, my team keeps you informed of what’s happening. We let your best man know it’s almost speech time, we cue the DJ to make all of the announcements, and we work to resolve any issues so you don’t have to.
  • We set-up, breakdown, and make sure everything is set up the way you envisioned.
  • We help you create a day of timeline that gives you the best overall experience.
  • We plan and manage your ceremony including the order in which everyone walks up and down the aisle, song selections, ceremony seating, and all of the ceremony details you didn’t know you needed to plan.

The bottom line – Why spend so much money on your wedding and not invest in the one vendor that oversees its successful execution?

We would love to work with you! Please reach out for a custom quote for you event! We offer Full Scope Wedding Planning & Design and Day of Management services. Contact us today!

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Kolena Thomas

Owner & Lead Wedding Planner