The Goodstone Inn & Restaurant | Wedding Venue Highlight

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I had the privilege to visit the gorgeous wedding venue Goodstone Inn & Restaurant this week and it did not disappoint. The staff was warm and welcoming and the quaint restaurant is definitely a place I am adding to my list. Jennifer Nolan Photography joined me and provided the gorgeous photos for this blog post.

The wedding venue details:

The Goodstone has three primary options for weddings:

The Grand Wedding Package – which gives you and your guest exclusive access to the Inn and grounds Saturday at 9:00 AM to Sunday at 11:00 AM. There are two lawns to place a tent and they have a preferred relationship with Sugar Plum Tents and Events but are open to other tenting vendors as long as they come out and do an assessment. This is the most expensive option but the best option if you are looking to have all of your closest loved ones stay on the property with you and have more of a weekend of events feel!

A la Carte weddings – You do not have exclusive access to the grounds or rooms but this option is more flexible price wise. You still can have all of the gorgeous options of locations but it is not fully private to you.

Small & intimate weddings taking place inside the restaurant are also an option! They are ideal for groups right around 65 or less.

This is definitely more of a luxury or high-end wedding venue option. Interested in getting married at the Goodstone but not sure of your budget and all of the logistics? We are here to help!

The guest rooms are so cute and impeccably decorated. The room pictured is the Stallion Suite. Click the arrow to see the room photos larger!

A guest cottage.

Even in March is it beautiful here! Views from the tent location areas!

The Ivy wall that has made the Goodstone so iconic and the ultimate wedding ceremony backdrop!

Through the gate of the Ivy wall is a pool. It wasn’t open when we visited, but cocktail hour typically takes place around the pool that has scenic views of the grounds beyond.

The Goodstone Inn & Restaurant is a great option if you are looking for a Virginia wedding venue in the hunt country. The luxury resort is the perfect place to host a gorgeous tented wedding! If you are interested in hosting a Goodstone Inn wedding we would love to help! The goodstone does strongly recommend hiring a qualified wedding planner to assist you with your wedding planning. Tented weddings are very logistically demanding and require having a team that understands how to successfully pull off a tented event!

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Kolena Thomas

Owner & Lead Wedding Planner